Our Mobile Dustless

Cowaramup, Margaret River, Busselton, Augusta & Surrounds

Our mobile dustless sandblasting service is totally portable, and our equipment is powerful yet precise. Our machine operators are highly experienced, and our method is safer, more affordable and produces better results than any other forms of abrasive blasting.


Boats, cars, trucks, utes & more

Tractors & farm equipment, earthmovers & heavy machinery

Verandas, driveways, patios and swimming pools

Parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, building exteriors


Our mobile dustless blaster has so many different applications that you can use it for almost anything:

CLEAN AND RESTORE HARD SURFACE AREAS – Strip, clean and restore concrete, stone, brick surfaces, and masonry. Remove everything from oil and grease stains in the driveway to graffiti on a building or and paint stripes from a car park. We can even restore your swimming pool!

SERVICE HEAVY MACHINERY – Improve the performance of your heavy machinery by removing rust, dust, powder coatings and other contaminants without harming your equipment. Ideal for refineries, mine sites, farms & construction sites.

RESTORE TIMBER SURFACES – Remove damage to restore wood surfaces of all types, from patios to home cladding.

RESTORE CARS AND AUTOMOTIVE PARTS – Save hours of effort with mobile dustless blasting for automotive restoration. We can remove paint, rust, powder coatings and body filler without heat and friction, which will eliminate the risk of warping the metal and will get the job done in a fraction of the time.

SERVICE BOATS AND MARINE VESSELS – Dustless blasting is safe for all marine surfaces, from fiberglass to aluminium to steel. Strip everything from epoxy and anti-fouling to barnacles and buildup without damaging or warping your boat.



Mobile and Dustless Sandblasting.
Less Hassle, Better Results.

Mobile sandblasting eliminates asset mobilization costs. We bring our mobile dustless sandblaster to you, onsite, wherever you are. Too easy!

Dustless sandblasting increases safety. The water used during the dustless blasting process suppresses dust, sparks and static electricity making it safer to perform jobs around machinery, equipment and your workers.

Dustless sandblasting eliminates substrate warping. The wet sandblasting process eliminates the friction and heat that causes warping of certain materials.

Dustless sandblasting is more eco-friendly. Our abrasive blast material is made from a naturally occurring silicate mineral deposit called garnet, which doesn’t harm the environment.

No heat. No Dust.

Our mobile dustless sandblaster is so much more effective and convenient than traditional DIY sandblasters. Our wet abrasive sandblasting technique eliminates the safety hazards normally caused by dust and heat from dry blasters. No more sparks and no more warped metals and substrates because there’s no heat involved. We also inject our abrasive with an anti-rust inhibitor to protect your substrate during the preparation process. With a combination of experienced machine operators and professional grade equipment, we’ll get your job done efficiently and effectively to save you time, money and effort.